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Buying and/or Selling a house is an important and complex endeaver.

We have found that our clients' perspective has a lot to do with how smoothly the process unfolds.

This begins with doing some mindset preparation on the front end.

Of course, most people starting this process are excited and eager to get the ball rolling . . . We often hear:

"How do I get started?  What are the most important things I need to know NOW?" 


You will learn answers to these critical questions within this introduction packet.  The focus of this report is to "warm the water" a bit by giving you some valuable information and tools to help you understand the fundamental workings of the real estate industry. 


You will gain knowledge of your options when deciding how to conduct your search/sale as well as some priceless tips on interviewing REALTORS including: "20 Questions You Must Ask Any REALTOR before Signing ANYTHING!"  Especially important is the section covering current laws of representation (Agency).  The law provides for you (BOTH Buyers & Sellers) to have exclusive representation by a REALTOR.  Protect yourself by insisting on signing an “exclusive representation Agreement". 


Save yourself hours of frustration by turning to the page entitled "Your Intentions and Desires."  This is the most critical ingredient of a smooth transition.  Only someone who knows where you are coming from can take you where you are going. Where are you going?  Settle into your most comfortable chair with a note pad and write your ultimate scenario. Bring this along with you to our first meeting and we will begin getting you there. 


Undoubtedly someone you know and trust has introduced you to us.  Our commitment to all of our valuable advocates is to deliver an uncompromising level of service to the good people they refer . . . to be the professional trusted real estate advisers they expect.  Please enjoy this packet and do not hesitate calling for any immediate questions you may have. We look forward to hearing your ultimate scenario at our first meeting. Let the journey commence . . . 

The Product & The Process

Reticular Activator?

Your Intentions and Desires

I've done my home-work. When can we dive in?

20 questions you must ask any REALTOR before signing ANYTHING!